Thanks to thousands of Friends of Traditional Banking across the country focusing their individual contributions directly to Gardner and Ernst, we have changed the political landscape for traditional banking. We will now fight for immediate regulatory relief.


We didn't simply sprinkle small amounts of money around to 500 candidates, we went bold and laser focused on two key races and IT WORKED!! 


V I C T O R Y !


With an opponent like Dodd-Frank darling and credit union pall Mark Udall it was easy for us to support Cory Gardner for the US Senate in Colorado. But as we got to know Cory and his common-sense pro-economic growth outlook we quickly realized that in this race we were not just fighting Udall, but that we were also championing a true friend of traditional banking.

"I am so grateful for groups that believed in me like Friends of Traditional Banking. They supported me in en mass at a time when I was still down in the polls."  --Cory Gardner, Oct. 22, 2014

Cory Gardner (R): 49.4%    Mark Udall (D): 45.2%   Well done!!! 


A mom, soldier, and no-nonsense state senator, Joni Ernst shares our distaste for one-size-fits-all "solutions" from Congress that actually make it harder for our economy to grow. We were pleased to support her early on, when she was still behind in the polls, because we believed in her ability to fight for common sense and traditional banking in the United States Senate.

"Thanks to all of you we are headed to Washington," Ernst said last night, "And we are going to make 'em squeal!" Go, get 'em Joni!

Joni Ernst (R): 52.2%    Bruce Braley (D): 43.7%   


In addition to supporting Gardner and Ernst, many friends of traditional banking also rallied around Senate races in Arkansas (Tom Cotton), Kansas (Pat Roberts), and Michigan (Terri Lynn Land). 

Cotton and Roberts won, and along with Gardner and Ernst are part of the reason Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) will no longer be Senate Majority Leader come January. With a change in leadership in the Senate, we are confident that bills important to traditional banking that have made it out of the House, will finally get a chance to see the light of day in the Senate.

ARKANSAS SENATE RACE                  Tom Cotton (R): 56.6%   Mark Pryor (D): 39.4%

KANSAS SENATE RACE                       Pat Roberts (R): 53.3%   Greg Orman (I): 42.5%

MICHIGAN SENATE RACE                    Gary Peters (D): 54.6%    Terri Lynn Land (R): 41.4%

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Friends of Traditional Banking was created by bankers, for bankers. With over 10,000 members in all fifty states, we encourage support for two key races each Congressional election. Help us continue to grow so that our voice can be even louder in 2016 than it was this year!


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